Chinese Foot Massage

Chinese Foot Massage

Although traditionally developed in Ancient China for relaxation and recreation purposes, recent developments makes Chinese Foot Massage the perfect complimentary treatment for the whole of your body and put to use the various types of reflexology styles.

The therapist will work on the thousands of nerve endings that travel from the soles of your feet throughout your entire body whilst you sit back and enjoy the soothing sensations.

This treatment, in line with traditional methods, begins with an infused aromatic foot spa that you can sit back and enjoy whilst having an upper-body massaged. This will take you deeper into relaxation even before the foot massage begins. During the foot massage itself, the therapist will focus on the vital reflex points by using a deep pressured knuckle technique and then gently work upwards to include your ankles and legs. This treatment will certainly go the extra mile in giving your tired aching feet the pampering they deserve.


 Benefits of Chinese Foot Massage:

  • Helps keep feet flexible and healthy
  • Unblocks meridians (energy channels) throughout the body
  • Improves the flow of energy into the body
  • Stimulates the immune system by increasing the flow of energy
  • Can help to activate the pituitary gland and parts of the brain
  • Improves the function of hypothalamus (part of the brain that controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, sleep-wake cycle, and hormones)
  • Aids the body’s production of proteins, hormones and brain chemicals
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Helps relieve headaches, including migraines
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Releases tension of the muscles and joints throughout the body
  • Helps the lymphatic system perform better
  • Improves overall circulation
  • Strengthens the body holistically
  • Maintains the natural balance of the body

“Was my first time for Chinese foot massage as I usually go for something more full body so I wasn’t quite expecting the full body sensation. However to my surprise, whilst sitting with my feet in warm floating petals, my head was massaged to the extent I could feel the sensation travelling all down my spine. Following this was a shoulder and back rub, so by the time I got on the couch to have my feet done I was already tantilized. And then of course came the foot massage….. WOW! The sensations flooded my whole body. I really wasn’t expecting so much from a foot massage. Thank you Tranquility.” -Beverley, Bethnal Green

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