Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been adapted from Ayurvedic techniques to ease tension and strain in the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It is a highly effective technique for the treatment of stress and stress related conditions. Since it can be carried out anywhere and is relatively quick to perform it is becoming a particularly popular therapy in the workplace.



Physical Benefits

  • Improves blood circulation to the head and neck area
  • Improves lymphatic drainage from the head and neck so aiding the removal of waste and toxins
  • Relieves tension in muscle tissue
  • Helps improve mobility in the neck and shoulder area
  • Relieves mental and physical strain improving concentration
  • Relieves eyestrain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia
  • Improve lustre and condition of hair

Psychological Benefits

  • Helps to clear the mind and is revitalising so improves alertness and concentration levels
  • An antidote to stress, anxiety and mental tension
  • Balances the Chakras (energy centres) by releasing stagnant energy to help the body work in a more harmonious manner

“Ameena is really passionate about what she does, she puts a lot of care and attention into the massage and really feels it, unlike other massages I have had in the past where it felt like a job someone was doing. With Tranquility I felt incredibly pampered having a massage that was tailored just for me. It is well worth the effort and I definitely will keep coming.” –Jahera, King Cross

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